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Charter boat captain rescues cat tossed off bridge

A cat didn't have to use one of its nine lives on Thursday when it was apparently tossed off the Marler Bridge in Destin, as a charter boat captain was there to save the day.
NWFdailynews.com reports that Let's Fish Destin Charter's Jordan Smith saw something falling out of the corner of his eye while steering the 'Profishonal' in the Choctawhatchee Bay.
That something turned out to be a tiny black cat.
Smith said shortly after noticing the cat's eyes looking up at him from the water, he grabbed a net and scooped her out.
The cat was taken to a local veterinarian, according to Northwest Florida Daily News, but she apparently won't be there for long.
Smith said he plans to pick up the cat on Friday from the vet and make it a part of his family.
He reportedly plans on naming it Miracle.
source : http://weartv.com

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