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How to Travel With a Dog | Traveling With Dogs

15 Things in Your Doggy’s Duffle Bag to Spice up Your Travelling
You got it right. Only these15 that matters to make your journey enjoyable with your loving pet. Not only you, but your pet dog will also enjoy simultaneously from now on. Just listen to the following-

1. First Aid for Dogs and Other Medications
Tweezers, Styptic powder, eye wash, gauze bandages, scissors and common antiseptics- these should be must in your first aid box. Now let's take a short look at the complete use of these- pet first aid kit

- Tweezers are used for removing ticks.
- The styptic powder is used when your dog's toenail starts bleeding. This powder helps to stop bleeding.
- Eyewash is used to flush wounds.
- Dog dental care like dog toothpaste & dog tooth brush.
- Gauge bandages is a very useful adhesive tape.
- Scissors is a very essential to cut gauge bandages and others too.
- Antiseptics are needed to keep your loving pet always healthy.

2. Dog Vaccination Records and Other Documents
Without proper vaccination, your dog can be attacked by germs and get ill at any time. It can also occur while traveling. For this emergency case carrying a copy of your dog vaccination records is the wisest decision.

So before traveling, double check the vaccination requirements if it's available in that area you are visiting.

3. Dog Identification Tags
If you are smart enough, you should put dog tags for dogs this dog identification tag with a phone number or other necessary information to his collar. If somehow your loving pet is lost people may find it for you by doing the right call. So keep this in mind, before visiting firmly attach name tags for dogs an emergency phone number.

4. Pet Food Container and Dog Travel Water Bottle
Don't keep the stomach of your loving pet empty. Always carry pet food container with his favorite food. But at least keep sufficient food to feed him when hungry.

Not only food but also water is equally important to make the traveling pleasant for your loving pet. You can take dog travel water bottle to get your pet rid of thirst.

5. Dog Travel Crates & Dog Travel Carrier
Dog crate and dog carriers both are equally essential equipment for the safety for your dogs. Suppose you have gone for a campfire. You will always be tensed because your dog can run here and there and get lost easily. So what's the solution? Dog travel crate will keep your pet protected.

Dog travel carriers are hugely used when your pet can't walk on his own because of a rough surface, muddy environment and others. It’s also handy. So you can easily carry your pet wherever you like, whenever you like.

6. Seat Cover for Dogs and Comfortable Dog Blankets
Don’t leave the soft dog blankets for your pet at home. Bring it with you while traveling too. This will keep your dog warm with the same flavor that he got at home.

Seat cover for dogs should be easily washable. It should not be slippery. Otherwise, it can cause any accident.

7. Extra Dog Towels & Comfy Bedding
Extra dog towels are always suggested to wipe any muds, or even wets and dirt. Bedding is one of the most important things. If it smells like the home bedding, then your pet is in the most comfortable zone.

8. Dog Grooming Bag
Take Dog grooming bag; it consists of comb, nail clippers, hair brush shampoo and others. It’s obvious keeping your pet neat and clean.

9. Funny Companion for Dogs
Don't forget to carry toys as much as you can. Don't let him go bored while traveling. Play his favorite CD- funny talking dog video, favorite music. Take dog chewing toys that smells like home.

10. Doggie Poop Bags and Collar Safety
If you need a break for a bathroom, don't forget to put the collar safety. Dog poop bags with handles will help him to throw out his bathroom so that the germ won't attack other. Also, it won't harm the environment.

11. Dog Safety Equipment for Your Dog
Do you want to see to friendly dog flying as a projectile? Never. This simple task will let you save from the risk. Put a seat belt while traveling. This will help to keep safe if you use the hard brake or any accidental cases.

12. Dogs Hotel Reservations
Watch hotel for dogs it's also a very crucial part of your traveling. Before visiting double check, if the hotel accepts pets, there are any restrictions or not, and all necessary fees. If everything is okay, just reserve a seat for your loving pet.

13. Collecting Information on a Vet
Collection necessary information, i.e., phone number, address of a veterinary surgeon of that area you are traveling is important. Because finding a veterinary office in an emergency case in the not that good idea.

14. Researching Pet Laws
Check local pet laws of before visiting your desired area. Get to know about the restriction and doings. So you won't be harassed afterward.

15. Recent Photo to Identify (if lost)
This is one of the smartest things that you can do finding your lost pet. Just capture a recent photo of your pet. If he is lost just contact with veterinary offices, they will find it for you.

Final Verdict
Traveling with your loving and caring pet is undoubtedly the sweetest memories of your life. But without proper planning and planning, everything might go to a vein. You care for you, and your pet. You won't need to worry before traveling if you just follow this checklist.
Source : https://www.hellowdog.com/how-to-travel-with-a-dog/

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