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After the death of her beloved dog, she receives a letter and burst into tears

A particularly touching message.

A few months ago, Ashley Bowerman's grandparents lost their 12-year-old dog. Called Tucker, the brave dog was the love of their life and their immense sorrow since his death.

"They were heartbroken," says Ashley at The Dodo, while referring to the altar her grandparents installed as a tribute to Tucker.

But despite the reassuring presence of this altar, Ashley's grandmother was still sad, inconsolable. At least until a letter like no other arrives.

A letter to put balm in the heart

During the last vacation, seeing his wife particularly sad, Ashley's grandfather had the good idea to write a letter on behalf of Tucker. A letter he then gave to his wife to help him mourn.

"I just wanted to tell you that I could never have had a better mom. Since my arrival until my death you have been there for me. Now I'm in this beautiful place, I do not suffer anymore and I can watch you as I always did, waiting for you at the window. In the meantime, I wish you the most beautiful of lives. "

Reading these few words, Ashley's grandmother started to get better. As for Tucker, he is always a little by his side since, besides the altar, his ashes are placed near the window

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