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Open letter to (future) dog owners

To all those who idealize having a dog, who wish to have one for the wrong reasons or who are imbued with conventional wisdom ... Here is what really means the fact of "having a dog".

Having a dog does not mean having a dog.

To have a dog is to be.

It's not being "owner". It is to be "responsible".

It's not to be "master". It is to be "partner".

The real "master" is the dog. Not because he dominates us, but because he teaches us.

To have a dog is to exist. It is to exist for a being who only has eyes for you. Who lives only for you.

It's not giving way to a "he's so cute", a whim or an impulse.

Even if it takes a little, caprice. One must be capricious to oneself to have the courage to take the plunge, to say one day "I will not be one anymore. "

Two, we can be for more than 15 years.

It takes a bit of courage to decide to have two shadows for so long.

But having a dog is not "I take what suits me".

It's not taking the cute, sweetness and affection, and disregard the rest.

It's not asking an animal to be a stuffed animal or a robot.

It is accepting imperfection. It is to the idea that all dogs are not exactly as we had dreamed.

It is adapting to him as much as he makes efforts to adapt to us.

It's learning to understand and even anticipate it.

It's letting go of the screen to throw a ball. It's taking off his slippers and putting on his shoes. It is leaving his quilt to go out in the cold and in the rain. It is to collect dung, to mop up vomit or possible pee. It's going to the night vet, a holiday. It is coping with annoyances, from the most anecdotal stupidity to the most insurmountable pain. It is to overcome misunderstandings by giving oneself the means to build a strong, healthy and harmonious relationship. And worthy, to the end.

To have a dog is to have what others call "constraints".

But having a dog means being convinced that what others call "constraints" ... are not.

Because all that can be considered a constraint is precisely what the dog needs.

For love, these needs must be met.

And no proof of love on Earth is a constraint.

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