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The love of a dog, it does not cost, but it has a cost ... 3 ways to save!

When you are a dog master, it can sometimes be interesting to find good plans to please your dog, while putting a few euros aside! In this article, we offer three ways to save money on daily expenses for your dog.

1. Have your dog kept free
You do not want to leave your dog too often and too long alone? Dog care solutions exist at a lower cost. We know how fast dog care can be on a budget. However, dog care solutions, which think of the happiness of your dog and leave your wallet warm, exist.

The dog guard between individuals will allow you to benefit from a good motivation of mutual aid between private individuals. A site like Emprunte Mon Toutou makes it possible to connect dog masters with volunteers passionate about dogs. Their will: to care, to pamper a dog for the pleasure of rubbing a dog and to bring him happiness, rather than to think him alone all day long ... The financial interest is indeed put aside with this solution. Toutou's happiness first!

2. Turn yourself into a Chef!
Want to awaken the taste buds of your doggie at a lower cost? Many recipes to please your dog are available and easy to access. No need to be the new Pierre Bocuse to feast his dog and put him in the mirror!

Thus, many sites offer recipes thought for dogs, which pay attention to their well-being with healthy ingredients for them. This will allow you to offer, from time to time something else, that the famous croquettes. Moreover, a little advice to avoid the waste of croquettes, remember to keep the croquettes in a plastic box to protect them from moisture.

3. Be smart!
Do you want to please your dog with toys? But some may be overpriced or Toutou can quickly take away all its monetary value in a shot of fangs ...

Some toys can use this good old "system D". A plastic bottle in a rag. An old braided rope. The traditional simple tennis ball, with a treat inside or tied to another ball. So many everyday objects that are easy to recover, easy to have and obviously that can make your dog happy, brighten his days because after all: "Happiness is in the simple things". So be imaginative, while ensuring the safety of your dog.

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