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Char Siu Honey- Stewed BBQ Chicken



3 chicken leg quarters .

1/2 Tbsp honey.

2 1/2 Tbsp light soya sauce.

1 Tbsp sesame oil.

2 Tbsp brown sugar.

1 teaspoon chopped garlic.

1 Tbsp rice wine ( optional ).

a dash of 5 spice powder.

a dash of white pepper powder .

Honey and a bit of water to glaze.


Marinate the chicken with the above ingredients for a few hours or preferably overnight.

Place the marinated meat in a wok with the gravy and 1/4 cup water, cook on medium heat, turning the meat over once in a while.

Once the chicken is thoroughly cooked and gravy reduce, transfer the meat onto a parchment lined pan. 

Baste the chicken with honey glaze and grill for 2 mins. on both sides.

Remove from oven and slice up to serve, once cooled. 

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