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Lots of Vacancies in The Okanagan Indian Band

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The Okanagan Indian Band is part of the Okanagan Nation, which comprises seven Indian Bands, including Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Upper Similkameen Indian Band, Osoyoos Indian Band, Penticton Indian Band, Westbank First Nation, Upper Nicola Indian Band and the Okanagan Indian Band.

The Okanagan Indian Band is located at the head of Okanagan Lake in Vernon, BC. Our seven reserves total 11,282 hectares. There are currently about 2,030 Okanagan Indian Band members. Approximately half of our members reside on reserve while the other half reside off reserve. The majority of members living on reserve reside at IR#1 at Vernon.

The Okanagan Indian Band offers a variety of services and facilities including health care, social services, and early childhood education to name a few.

Okanagan Indian Band

  • 12420 Westside Road
  • Vernon, BC V1H 2A4
  • Phone: (250) 542-4328
  • Fax: (250) 542-4990
  • Toll-free: 1 (866) 542-4328
  • Email: okibadmin@okanagan.org
  • humanresources@okanagan.org

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